Laureen Edelson

Branding & Marketing Strategist

Laureen is a coach for creative entrepreneurs looking to boost sales and reach their dream clientele.

Laureen Edelson - Luxury Concepts LLC - Branding & Marketing Strategist For Creative Entrepreneurs

“Helping people reach their dreams, seeing and listening to their joy when we are able to resolve issues and tap back into the dreams they had when they first started their business, gives me amazing joy. My job is part intuitive business strategist, part coach. And NO ONE, is a bigger cheerleader for her clients than I am. As long as one has breath, there is hope, and immediate changes can be made. In this ever changing age of millennials and reality TV, everyone must keep up their branding and social media presence to attract this powerful group of purchasers.”

 – Laureen Edelson

What makes Laureen different from many of the coaches out there and what qualifies her to help you reach your dreams?

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Firstly, on a bit of a woo-woo note, Laureen has a strong intuitive sense, which helps her determine what is and is not working in someone’s business and how to fix it. She has enormous integrity, warmth and candor and takes on only those clients she is sure she can help. Laureen has over 10 years of experience coaching clients seeking to up-level their businesses and has finally decided to branch out on her own with Luxury Concepts.

It all started when Laureen was 21, she launched the first bridal jewelry company in the US – merchandising jewelry to bridal stores. Today, this market niche is a $300 million industry. She was then recruited by Donna Karan to launch DKNY jewelry and accessories in the early 1990’s. She was the youngest director at Donna Karan.

Several years later, when she started a family, she transitioned her career by getting licensed as an interior decorator to give her flexibility to devote time to her children. Laureen loved working with residential clients to create their dream home.

When the housing market crashed around 2008, Laureen once again reinvented herself as a publisher for Panache Partners – a luxury coffee table book publisher for interior designers, architects, builders and event designers. Her most recent position has been International Marketing Director for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine, opening new markets in New York, Dubai, Paris, Italy and New England.

If she can do this for herself and other companies, imagine what she can do for you!

Meet The Team

Luxury Concepts is very excited to collaborate with Tricia Patella and Brian K. Crain. We will be providing our clients with publicity management, professional writing & production, exquisite websites & logos, high-end professional photography and more.  We will produce a brand for our clients that will resonate with the vision of their business.

Tricia Patella

Vice President – Media & Public Relations

Tricia Patella is a seasoned publicist, writer and producer with more than 20 years of experience. She started her career producing celebrity segments for The Joan Rivers Show as well as Joan Rivers’, Gossip, Gossip, Gossip! and Joan Rivers’, Can We Shop?

Tricia was asked to join the launch team for America’s Talking, NBC’s first national cable network. As associate producer, she created program content and wrote scripts for What’s New? with Mike Jerrick, a half hour, daily, live program. After one year, she was named producer of What’s New? and recognized as the youngest producer at the network.

MSNBC took over America’s Talking and she was asked to stay onboard as producer. Concurrently, FOX News Channel was building their staff when Tricia caught their eye and was recruited for the launch team as producer. She chose to continue her career at FOX News, creating, writing and producing entertainment based shows working with well-known talent including Bill O’Reilly, Judith Regan, Arthel Neville, Dana Kennedy, Steve Doocy and Cal Thomas.

After more than a decade at FOX News channel, Tricia decided to become a full-time publicist and writer, leaving the crazy hours of television behind. She volunteered at her local NJ community cable television station, writing, producing and reporting on local stories. Her skills range from planning and researching, writing and editing, media training, to personally reaching out to her many contacts to ensure all public relations needs are met. Combining her two passions of television production and public relations, Tricia joined forces with Luxury Concepts, llc. Helping businesses to up level their brands by bringing them to regional and national attention. Tricia lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband and three children.

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Brian K Crain

Vice President – Visual Arts & Website Design

With Brian’s couture eye, he creates and develops visually stunning websites are that stylish, luxurious and user-friendly, as well as mobile-friendly. In addition to website and logo design, he also provides social media implementation and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO).  And for our clients needing couture, luxurious images to sell their brand, he also provides high-end professional photography.

Brian has over 25 years under his belt as a website designer, graphic and logo designer and professional photographer, while specializing in couture fashion and luxury weddings. He has photographed for editorial & commercial clients around the world.

Brian’s love of photography and travel arose from serving as a professional photographer in the U.S. Navy. His love for travel has taken him everywhere from New York, Miami, Hawaii, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina to name a few, in addition to his beloved New Orleans. Brian’s work has been featured in many portrait, wedding and photography publications and websites. Among his accolades, he has been a featured photographer in prestigious magazines including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, World Bride and Professional Photographer.

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Brian K Crain - Luxury Concepts LLC - Vice President Visual Arts and Website Design - Branding & Marketing Strategist For Creative Entrepreneurs

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